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Autumn approaches – to be followed by Christmas

And so the summer draws to a close – although the forecasters keep telling us that it has a little longer to go here.

I love Autumn with all of it’s wonderful colours as the trees turn their golden browns and the chill that arrives in the morning and evening. Not yet really cold but just enough to make you reach for that jumper and maybe a scarf.

Of course Autumn here at Wormell Music sees us preparing for Christmas which is only just round the corner. It’s time to start thinking about music for the festive season. At Wormell Music we have a selection of Christmas Music suitable for gigs and other events, or even just to play for fun.

But that’s not all that’s happening at Wormell Music. Very exciting news is that we now have our first piece available on line for Wind players. An original composition for Wind Quintet called Serenade.

After a busy summer which saw Wormell Music have its first stall at Dartington International Summer School, it’s nice to get back to some composing and arranging. Do pop over and visit us at to see what we have in stock.

We should,very soon, be adding our range of hoodies, t shirts and bags to the website too. It’s taken a while but as the weather changes and as Christmas approaches what better gift for someone than a Music Geek Hoodie, or a string quartet tote bag….or even some new music.

We look forward to your visit and Happy Playing to you all.

Busy Lives

The past few weeks have been so busy here and yet I feel the need to cram more and more into each day. I’m sure we all go through stages in life where it feels as if we are trying to spin countless plates and that at any moment one or more might fall and yet we continue to push ourselves.

We are in the middle of building works at home and in the middle of all this chaos I am trying to practice, compose and arrange. There is something strangely satisfying to turn my back on the chaos and retreat into the world of music.

I have recently found SoundCloud, where I have been able to upload electronic versions of some of my pieces. It’s exciting to finish a new piece and to put it out into the world. Exciting but terrifying as well, it’s baring ones soul and innermost thoughts and subjecting them to potential criticism.

This is nothing new for musicians. Our lives, like those of anyone who performs, are open to comment from others. This can be rewarding or destroying.

I was recently asked to provide a piece of music for consideration by a String Orchestra. It was a nervous moment when I handed over the score and recording. Thankfully they liked it and want to play it in their next season.

I am very lucky to have had great teaching over the years, which has led me to this point in my life where I earn my living doing what I love and hopefully not just earning a living but giving something to the world that is appreciated. This teaching was provided by experts, sadly something which is under threat in many places now. It is being reported that in Cornwall a councillor is suggesting that the instrumental teachers be replaced, saying that there are many people who play instruments who could volunteer to teach. What a terribly short sighted view and what lack of understanding this person has. Would he feel the same about teachers of Maths or English? I can add up and read – why shouldn’t I volunteer to teach then?!

Maybe he has a busy life and doesn’t see where music fits in. If so, his life is definitely the poorer for it.

I need to get back to my plate spinning. If you’d like to hear any of my music then do look for me at

Or perhaps you’d like to see what we have to offer at

There will always be some who don’t appreciate what you are doing but don’t let that stop you.


“Some won’t appreciate what you say or do, but as long as you honestly speak from the heart, you’ll be fine. This isn’t a perfect world, nor a perfect life, but life loves the person who dares to live it by being real.”


Happy music making




To pay or not to pay…..

In this day and age when we have everything available to us at the click of a button it is very easy to expect to be able to get everything for free and if we do have to pay then we shop around for the cheapest option but is this the way forward?

From the food we eat to the clothes we wear there have been horror stories as to the quality, content and production involved and yet we still seem to think all to often that to buy cheap is the best deal.

There’s a discussion going on right now where I live about the cost of eggs – I know, rather a long way removed from music but bear with me….We have a local independent butcher who sells eggs, they cost more than they do from the local supermarket and so some people are saying the butcher is over priced – I say that the supermarket is under priced. They cut profit margins, even running some lines at a loss just to get people in through the door. I’d be more interested in knowing what the farmer at the end of the line gets paid….if we want our farmers to earn a living wage then we have to be prepared to pay for the food we eat.

So how does this link with music? Well a little while ago someone asked the price of one of my arrangements at Wormell Music. They decided that they could get it cheaper elsewhere so they did. Well two things – one, my prices are really pretty good. If you work out the hourly rate I earn when arranging it’s barely the minimum wage and this is for a skilled job but secondly and perhaps more importantly they got in touch with me after the wedding at which they were playing this piece – the arrangement had been pretty poor and was full of mistakes, in short it basically didn’t work! How they wished they had spent just that little bit more and got a quality product!

At Wormell music we really do try and keep our prices as low as we can but you are paying for a quality product and a first class service. If you want a free download you may well be able to find one somewhere but by paying a little bit more you can be sure of what you are getting and also, just like supporting those farmers, you will be supporting a musician, trying to get on in life and earn a living wage.

Why not visit to see what we’ve got to offer – you may think you’ve got all the music you need but we’ve got some great pieces at great prices so check out or catalogue and maybe treat yourself to a new piece today.

Happy playing

Easter – A time for Music and Weddings

Christmas is now but a distant memory – Spring is doing its best to lift our spirits and Easter is about to launch its chocolate covered self upon us. For many Easter is all about Easter eggs and Family time but here at Wormell Music we see it as the start of the new season of weddings.

Planning a wedding can take many months or indeed years. Who to invite? Where to hold the wedding and reception? Who to ask to be best man? How many bridesmaids to have? And that’s before you get onto buying the perfect dress and thinking about the food and wine. Then there comes the entertainment and music.

It has for many years been a popular choice to have a string quartet playing for your wedding and reception. There are many quartets out there, all offering a wide range of music and all well practised at making your special day absolutely perfect. They require only 4 chairs (without arms) and enough space to play. Shade from the sun and warmth if it is cold. Refreshments are always welcome – playing for several hours is hard work so drinks and a little something to eat is always well received but other than that they look after themselves and ensure that you don’t have to worry on your big day.

Choosing what music to have can be tricky. Do you have a favourite song? A piece you’ve heard on the radio or television? When you choose your quartet they will often show you a repertoire list and you can look and see if there are any particular favourites on it but what if there’s something you’d love but they don’t have it? Well this is where Wormell Music comes in. Not only can you find a lot of wonderful pieces for sale on our website but we also accept commissions. So far we have never found a piece we couldn’t arrange – and we have had some unusual requests! Wormell Music arranges your chosen piece or pieces and then prints the music to send straight to your quartet. With top quality arrangements by a professional string player, your quartet of choice can be sure that they will receive something they will enjoy playing and you can be sure that you will enjoy hearing.

So if you are planning a wedding and are thinking about your music then please do get in touch. With many years experience we love helping to make your special day one you will remember for ever.

Happy Easter and Happy Playing!

Festive Feelings

Well here we are, Advent is upon us and so the Christmas season has begun. Wormell Music has been working hard to bring you some super Christmassy arrangements. I know it is the season to be jolly and in the main we are but it’s time to have a little grump!

At Wormell Music we take copyright very seriously. The law as it stands in this country is that music does not come into the public domain until 70 years after the death of the composer. So in order to arrange and sell music that is not yet in the public domain we have to apply for a licence and pay up front. We also have to follow the rules set out to us by the company issuing the licence. Therefore we can not sell the pieces as downloads but have to sell printed copies and with that in mind and of course the cost of the licence itself our prices for such pieces are higher than other pieces we might sell.

It is therefore very distressing when we find arrangements for these pieces downloadable for free on the internet. Both the person offering and the people downloading are breaking the law. It may seem like a small thing but the affect on those of us who try to abide by the law is huge. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” is one such piece. We have a great arrangement of it for sale and you will receive a good quality printed copy of it which will be completely legal but how can we compete with lesser arrangements being given away for free?

So here at Wormell Music we have one wish for Christmas – Please only buy music that is not breaking the law.

We have a mixture of music on our site, some requiring these licenses and some not so there is something there for every pocket.

So grumps are now over, time to play a few carols, start the wine mulling, put a log on the fire and snuggle in out of the cold.

Happy Advent everyone and Happy Playing!

Autumn Approaches

It appears the summer is now behind us but at least we can say that we got a summer this year (well we certainly can where I am).

Like most people I had some time off over the summer. In fact playing wise it was fairly quiet. Gone are the days of weddings every weekend and sometimes more than one in a day. People are cutting back in the current economic climate; however it was nice to still have a smattering of weddings and other events to play for. Equally it was nice to relax a little and enjoy the sunshine.

Here we are though with autumn bearing down on us…..the romantics amongst us might think of walking through fallen leaves and the anticipation of curling up in front of a log fire. Whilst looking forward to both of those I’m also looking forward to a busy time playing, arranging and teaching. Indeed today I’m heading West to play Brahms and Mozart for the weekend.

Wormell Music has been busy in the background. We have new, reduced prices to tempt you and we are still working hard to try and sort out copyright permission for some pop arrangements which I know are keenly anticipated. It is still exciting to have sales going all over the world. Somewhere in Canada our version of Waltzing Matilda is being played – how’s that for global!

Here’s hoping that the coming season is kind to us all.

Happy Playing!

And then there were two

Duet time

Having spent some time at the weekend playing for weddings with just violin and cello it made me realise that with everyone feeling the pinch a little (or a lot!) we are getting many more bookings for smaller groups. Whilst some pieces certainly need more parts there are plenty that work well with just the two instruments and if you visit you will see we now have a section for duet music which is growing daily.

Playing for weddings in the summer is always a joy and with the glorious weather we have been having there have been some very happy brides. As musicians however, despite loving good weather we do need shade, not just for ourselves (sitting in the sun for 3 hours can have quite an effect) but also for our instruments which don’t like to be baked either. Thankfully most of the weddings I’ve played for over the past few weeks have provided us with sun shades and plenty of iced water.

The huge excitement here in my world though is that in a couple of weeks I get to go to a wedding as a guest and don’t have to work at all so hooray for summer weddings, hats and pimms, let’s hope this summer weather stays around for some time so that we can all continue to enjoy the fun it brings.

Happy music making!


New ideas

Here at Wormell-Music we are always looking for new ideas and love to have thoughts from other musicians. It was suggested the other day that a starter pack for new quartets would be a good idea. It’s true of course, everyone has to start somewhere and a new quartet needs a good set of pieces to get them going in the world of gigging. So we have set our minds to it and are now working on just such a pack but what to put in it? We’d love to hear from you with ideas. To be able to buy all the standard must have items in one go and to not have to shop around would be really useful, so what are your must have items?

In other news, we can now be found on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, reddit and google +. It’s early days for Wormell-Music in the internet world but the more people who have heard of us the better. We are getting visits to the site from all over the world so we must be doing something right but we’d love to see even more people having a look and buying some of the top quality sheet music we have to offer. Our range may not be huge yet but it’s growing and we are working on getting copyright for some “pop” pieces so keep checking in.

It’s looking quite grey out of the window today but have you heard the news….summer is on its way. Sssshhhhh! We’ll not say anything about it in case we frighten it away but fingers crossed eh?!

Still here!

Where does the time go?

Wormell-Music has been up and running for a few months now and it’s lovely to see so many visitors to the site from all over the world. This is why the internet is so exciting, we’ve had sales from as far afield as America, something that without the internet would have been unlikely I imagine.

There are more pieces being added to the website regularly. The most popular sale at the moment seems to be Parry’s Jerusalem – we must be in wedding season! But there are plenty of other pieces equally as lovely for weddings on the site so do go and browse and maybe try something new.

We had a lovely review from a performer this week about my arrangement of Mendelssohn’s Notturno from Midsummer Night’s Dream. “I really enjoyed playing Sarah’s arrangement of this piece. It sounds lush and full and all the parts are very interesting to play. Sarah has found the perfect balance between writing challenging music that is still sight-readable. I look forward to playing more of her pieces.”

What a lovely thing to say. It’s true that I try to keep the music interesting but approachable.

There have been quite a lot of commissions coming in as well which has been keeping me very busy. All in all, it might be raining outside (again!) but it’s looking quite sunny here at Wormell-Music!

It’s been a busy day…..

It’s been a busy day today. Been to see the printers so that we can hopefully start to offer you printed copies of the music very soon. Been to the bank so it’ll be even easier to buy from us and have entered the world of tweeting!

We are getting more pieces up onto Wormell-Music ready for you to look at and hopefully to buy and play. The latest to go on is from Carnival of the Animals by Saint Saens. The Fossils was originally scored for two pianos, clarinet and xylophone, what a great combination, but now you can play it as a string quartet as well. I love pizzicato and you may be able to tell this from the arrangement – great fun!

Looking out of the window here it’s very wet; I’m guessing for some of you looking out of your window it’ll be very white with snow, but whatever the weather Wormell-Music is working hard to increase the repertoire for musicians out there. As well as the string quartet arrangements by Sarah which are already on the site we are in negotiations with various other musicians so keep checking in to see what’s new and exciting.

Hope to see you on the site soon.