It’s been a busy day…..

It’s been a busy day today. Been to see the printers so that we can hopefully start to offer you printed copies of the music very soon. Been to the bank so it’ll be even easier to buy from us and have entered the world of tweeting!

We are getting more pieces up onto Wormell-Music ready for you to look at and hopefully to buy and play. The latest to go on is from Carnival of the Animals by Saint Saens. The Fossils was originally scored for two pianos, clarinet and xylophone, what a great combination, but now you can play it as a string quartet as well. I love pizzicato and you may be able to tell this from the arrangement – great fun!

Looking out of the window here it’s very wet; I’m guessing for some of you looking out of your window it’ll be very white with snow, but whatever the weather Wormell-Music is working hard to increase the repertoire for musicians out there. As well as the string quartet arrangements by Sarah which are already on the site we are in negotiations with various other musicians so keep checking in to see what’s new and exciting.

Hope to see you on the site soon.


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