And then there were two

Duet time

Having spent some time at the weekend playing for weddings with just violin and cello it made me realise that with everyone feeling the pinch a little (or a lot!) we are getting many more bookings for smaller groups. Whilst some pieces certainly need more parts there are plenty that work well with just the two instruments and if you visit you will see we now have a section for duet music which is growing daily.

Playing for weddings in the summer is always a joy and with the glorious weather we have been having there have been some very happy brides. As musicians however, despite loving good weather we do need shade, not just for ourselves (sitting in the sun for 3 hours can have quite an effect) but also for our instruments which don’t like to be baked either. Thankfully most of the weddings I’ve played for over the past few weeks have provided us with sun shades and plenty of iced water.

The huge excitement here in my world though is that in a couple of weeks I get to go to a wedding as a guest and don’t have to work at all so hooray for summer weddings, hats and pimms, let’s hope this summer weather stays around for some time so that we can all continue to enjoy the fun it brings.

Happy music making!


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