Autumn Approaches

It appears the summer is now behind us but at least we can say that we got a summer this year (well we certainly can where I am).

Like most people I had some time off over the summer. In fact playing wise it was fairly quiet. Gone are the days of weddings every weekend and sometimes more than one in a day. People are cutting back in the current economic climate; however it was nice to still have a smattering of weddings and other events to play for. Equally it was nice to relax a little and enjoy the sunshine.

Here we are though with autumn bearing down on us…..the romantics amongst us might think of walking through fallen leaves and the anticipation of curling up in front of a log fire. Whilst looking forward to both of those I’m also looking forward to a busy time playing, arranging and teaching. Indeed today I’m heading West to play Brahms and Mozart for the weekend.

Wormell Music has been busy in the background. We have new, reduced prices to tempt you and we are still working hard to try and sort out copyright permission for some pop arrangements which I know are keenly anticipated. It is still exciting to have sales going all over the world. Somewhere in Canada our version of Waltzing Matilda is being played – how’s that for global!

Here’s hoping that the coming season is kind to us all.

Happy Playing!

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