Easter – A time for Music and Weddings

Christmas is now but a distant memory – Spring is doing its best to lift our spirits and Easter is about to launch its chocolate covered self upon us. For many Easter is all about Easter eggs and Family time but here at Wormell Music we see it as the start of the new season of weddings.

Planning a wedding can take many months or indeed years. Who to invite? Where to hold the wedding and reception? Who to ask to be best man? How many bridesmaids to have? And that’s before you get onto buying the perfect dress and thinking about the food and wine. Then there comes the entertainment and music.

It has for many years been a popular choice to have a string quartet playing for your wedding and reception. There are many quartets out there, all offering a wide range of music and all well practised at making your special day absolutely perfect. They require only 4 chairs (without arms) and enough space to play. Shade from the sun and warmth if it is cold. Refreshments are always welcome – playing for several hours is hard work so drinks and a little something to eat is always well received but other than that they look after themselves and ensure that you don’t have to worry on your big day.

Choosing what music to have can be tricky. Do you have a favourite song? A piece you’ve heard on the radio or television? When you choose your quartet they will often show you a repertoire list and you can look and see if there are any particular favourites on it but what if there’s something you’d love but they don’t have it? Well this is where Wormell Music comes in. Not only can you find a lot of wonderful pieces for sale on our website but we also accept commissions. So far we have never found a piece we couldn’t arrange – and we have had some unusual requests! Wormell Music arranges your chosen piece or pieces and then prints the music to send straight to your quartet. With top quality arrangements by a professional string player, your quartet of choice can be sure that they will receive something they will enjoy playing and you can be sure that you will enjoy hearing.

So if you are planning a wedding and are thinking about your music then please do get in touch. With many years experience we love helping to make your special day one you will remember for ever.

Happy Easter and Happy Playing!

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