In the beginning….!

I guess I should start by saying Hello and by introducing myself:

I’m Sarah, a violinist living in South East England. I have been making a living playing, teaching, composing and arranging since I left MusicCollege in 1994. This blog begins out as I start out on a new venture – the development of a new business and website to sell my own arrangements, compositions and recordings alongside those of some carefully selected colleagues.

Not only am I new to the world of e commerce, so it is taking some time to get everything set up, but I am also new to the world of blogging. Indeed it’s not just that I haven’t written a blog before but I’ve hardly read any either so please bear with me as I find my feet  (or should that be voice) and work out quite what I am doing.

With plenty of music written and ready to go I have been spending the past couple of weeks trying to find the best virtual instrument library I can for creating the audio samples on my site. I eventually plumped for the Vienna Symphonic Library. It’s not totally straight forward to use but once I have learnt to tweak things I hope it will give a reasonable sound. Today I started working on the first audio clip. It’s a steep learning curve that’s for sure. I know how to produce the sound I want when I play the violin….I know what language to write on a page so that another musician can produce the sound I want, but I am still learning computer talk!

The plan over the next few weeks is to get all my audio clips ready for the launch of the new site. This blog will hopefully chart my journey (for we all apparently have to have a journey these days don’t we!) as I do just that and continue once the site is up and running, acting as a little insight into my life – the life of a professional musician trying to get on in the world!

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