New ideas

Here at Wormell-Music we are always looking for new ideas and love to have thoughts from other musicians. It was suggested the other day that a starter pack for new quartets would be a good idea. It’s true of course, everyone has to start somewhere and a new quartet needs a good set of pieces to get them going in the world of gigging. So we have set our minds to it and are now working on just such a pack but what to put in it? We’d love to hear from you with ideas. To be able to buy all the standard must have items in one go and to not have to shop around would be really useful, so what are your must have items?

In other news, we can now be found on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, reddit and google +. It’s early days for Wormell-Music in the internet world but the more people who have heard of us the better. We are getting visits to the site from all over the world so we must be doing something right but we’d love to see even more people having a look and buying some of the top quality sheet music we have to offer. Our range may not be huge yet but it’s growing and we are working on getting copyright for some “pop” pieces so keep checking in.

It’s looking quite grey out of the window today but have you heard the news….summer is on its way. Sssshhhhh! We’ll not say anything about it in case we frighten it away but fingers crossed eh?!

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