Time Flies…..

Well how time flies, but then we have been very busy bees here. There’s a lot more to this setting up an e-commerce site than I knew that’s for sure!

The past few weeks have seen us working out the layout and all the technical, behind the scenes, stuff that I never knew anything about. The day has now arrived though and the site is now live! Yep we are now LIVE!

Obviously there is still tweaking to be done and products to add, and to be honest I’m still not happy with the audio clips. They are ok but I’d like them to sound even more real. We’ve been taking some photos to add to the site but these are things that can be added as we go along, the important thing was to get the site up and running and that we have done.

Huge thanks to the guys at Atlanticus Limited who have built the website for me. They have really helped me every step of the way.

So what now?

Well I will be continuing to add products as quickly as I can. I’m also trying to get some copyright permission in place so that I can start selling some more “popular” music. It’s also a busy time with teaching and playing so there’s plenty going on. The sun is currently shining and despite the cold snap there are still signs of spring so there’s plenty to smile about here!


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