To pay or not to pay…..

In this day and age when we have everything available to us at the click of a button it is very easy to expect to be able to get everything for free and if we do have to pay then we shop around for the cheapest option but is this the way forward?

From the food we eat to the clothes we wear there have been horror stories as to the quality, content and production involved and yet we still seem to think all to often that to buy cheap is the best deal.

There’s a discussion going on right now where I live about the cost of eggs – I know, rather a long way removed from music but bear with me….We have a local independent butcher who sells eggs, they cost more than they do from the local supermarket and so some people are saying the butcher is over priced – I say that the supermarket is under priced. They cut profit margins, even running some lines at a loss just to get people in through the door. I’d be more interested in knowing what the farmer at the end of the line gets paid….if we want our farmers to earn a living wage then we have to be prepared to pay for the food we eat.

So how does this link with music? Well a little while ago someone asked the price of one of my arrangements at Wormell Music. They decided that they could get it cheaper elsewhere so they did. Well two things – one, my prices are really pretty good. If you work out the hourly rate I earn when arranging it’s barely the minimum wage and this is for a skilled job but secondly and perhaps more importantly they got in touch with me after the wedding at which they were playing this piece – the arrangement had been pretty poor and was full of mistakes, in short it basically didn’t work! How they wished they had spent just that little bit more and got a quality product!

At Wormell music we really do try and keep our prices as low as we can but you are paying for a quality product and a first class service. If you want a free download you may well be able to find one somewhere but by paying a little bit more you can be sure of what you are getting and also, just like supporting those farmers, you will be supporting a musician, trying to get on in life and earn a living wage.

Why not visit to see what we’ve got to offer – you may think you’ve got all the music you need but we’ve got some great pieces at great prices so check out or catalogue and maybe treat yourself to a new piece today.

Happy playing

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